William W. Park

Arbitration Experience

Chairman, sole arbitrator and party-appointed arbitrator in ICC, AAA, LCIA, ICSID, IACAC, UNCITRAL and ad hoc proceedings, conducted in French and in English.

Disputes related to loan agreements, acquisitions, joint ventures, construction, gas price adjustment, oil contracts, finance leasing, documentary credits, insurance, foreign investment expropriation claims, pharmaceutical and biotech licenses, technology transfer, sales and distributorships.  

Mass Claims

International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (London)
Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland (Zürich)

Selected Commercial and Investment Cases

Insurance (Bermuda Form), Industrial Accident, Co-arbitrator, London

Gas Supply (Lithuania-Russia), Co-arbitrator, SCC, Stockholm

Military Equipment Sale, French Law, Co-arbitrator, ICC, Paris

Oil Joint Venture (Italy-Algeria), Co-arbitrator, ICC, Paris

Spacecraft (Switzerland-Russia), Co-arbitrator UNCITRAL, Stockholm

Acquisition, (USA/Cayman-USA), Chairman, ICC, New York

Investment Treaty Claim, Korean-Libya BIT, Co-arbitrator, Ad Hoc

IP License (Germany-USA), Co-arbitrator, ICC, Indianapolis

IP License (Korea-Finland), Co-arbitrator; ICC, Paris

IP License (USA-Germany), Chairman, WIPO, Zürich

Insurance (Bermuda Form), Chairman, London

Petroleum Facility (Moldova-Netherlands), Chairman, Ad Hoc, London

Gas Price Review (Spain-Qatar), Co-arbitrator, ICC, London

Loan Guarantee (USA-Cayman), Chairman, ICC, New York

Equipment Sale (Iceland-France), Co-arbitrator, ICC, Pittsburgh

Manufacturing License (USA-Pakistan), Co-arbitrator, ICC, Zürich

Petroleum Agreement (Hungary-Romania), Co-arbitrator, ICC, London

Construction (Japan-Kuwait), Chairman, ICC, London

Insurance (Bermuda Form), Refinery Explosion, Co-arbitrator, London

Insurance (Bermuda Form), Pharmaceutical Product, Co-arbitrator, London

Hedge Fund (UAE-USA), Chairman, ICC, New York

Insurance (Bermuda Form), Industrial Accident, Co-arbitrator, London

Insurance (Bermuda Form), Financial Fraud, Co-arbitrator, London

Hedge Fund (USA-England), Co-arbitrator, AAA, Washington

Investor-State Dispute (Turkey-Romania), Chairman, ICSID, Paris

Insurance (Bermuda Form), Fraud, Chairman, London

Investor-State (Turkey-Turkmenistan), Co-arbitrator, ICSID, London

Insurance (Bermuda Form), Medical Device, Co-arbitrator, London

Investor-State (United Kingdom-Tanzania), Chairman, ICSID, London

Oil Sharing (USA-Algeria), Co-arbitrator, UNCITRAL, Geneva

Investor-State (France-Poland), Chairman, UNCITRAL, The Hague

Trade Name License (USA-France), Chairman, ICC, Paris

Construction (UAE-UAE), Chairman, ICC, Abu Dhabi

Energy Joint Venture (France-Spain), Chairman, ICC, London

Securities (Cayman/Mauritius-Nigeria), Co-arbitrator, LCIA, London

Tax Liability/Acquisition (Guatemala-USA), Co-arbitrator, ICC, Miami

Insurance (Bermuda Form), D&O Liability, Co-arbitrator, New York

Gas Price Revision (Qatar-Belgium), Co-arbitrator, ICC, Geneva

Oil Exploration (France-Nigeria), Co-arbitrator, Ad Hoc, Lagos

Construction (Finland-Turkey), Chairman, ICC, Geneva

Distribution Agreement (Germany-Netherlands), UNCITRAL, London

Financing Agreement (Brazil-Cayman), Co-Arbitrator, São Paulo

Insurance Coverage, Pharmaceutical (Bermuda Form), Co-Arbitrator, London

Insurance (Financial Fraud), Co-Arbitrator, UNCITRAL Bermuda

Insurance (Pipeline Explosion), Chairman, CPR, Boston

Telecommunications (Finland-U.S.), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, New York

Aircraft Manufacturing (U.S.-U.K.), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, Geneva

Insurance (Bermuda Form), Hurricane Damage, Co-Arbitrator, London

Satellite Delivery (Netherlands-U.S.), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, London

Insurance Coverage, Accident (Bermuda Form), Co-Arbitrator, London

Telecommunications (Russia-Norway), Co-Arbitrator, UNCITRAL, Geneva

Investor-State (Turkey-Netherlands), Chairman, ICSID, Paris

Investor-State (United Kingdom-Georgia), Chairman, UNCITRAL, Paris

Investor-State (Netherlands-Nigeria), Co-Arbitrator, ICSID, Paris

Financial Franchise (Singapore-USA), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, London

Biotech License (Greece-USA), Chairman, AAA, New York

Medical Supply (Canada-USA), Chairman, AAA, New York

Investment Claim (France-Argentina), Chairman, ICSID, Washington

Aircraft Engine Manufacture (France-Norway), Chairman, ICC, Paris

Share Purchase Agreement (Eastern Europe), Chairman, ICC, London

Joint Venture (USA-China), Co-Arbitrator, UNCITRAL, Hong Kong

Gas Supply (Netherlands-Philippines), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, Hong Kong

Parcel Tankers (Multiple Nationalities), Chairman, Ad Hoc, New York

Automobile Joint Venture (Germany-USA), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, London

Power Plant Construction (Saudi Arabia-USA), Chairman, AAA, New York

Power Plant Construction (Germany-Canada), Chairman, ICC, London

Tax Allocation Agreement (USA-USA), Co-Arbitrator, AAA, New York

Professional Negligence, Tax Advice (U.S.), Co-Arbitrator, CPR, Boston

Insurance, Satellite Program (USA-USA), Co-Arbitrator, AAA, New York

Insurance (Bermuda Form), Pharmaceutical, Co-Arbitrator, London

Insurance (Bermuda Form), Manufacturing Mishap, Co-Arbitrator, London

Gas Price Review (Nigeria-Spain), Chairman, UNCITRAL, Geneva

Gas Price Review (Portugal-Nigeria), Co-Arbitrator, UNCITRAL, London

Bank Acquisition (Canada-Luxembourg), Chairman, ICC, London

Biotech License (U.S.), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, Chicago

Gas Production Sharing (Algeria-USA), Co-Arbitrator, UNCITRAL, Geneva

Forestry Joint Venture (New Zealand-Argentina), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, Miami

Hotel Management (South America), Chairman, AAA, New York

Hotel Management (Middle East), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, London

Biotech License (Germany-USA), Chairman, AAA, New York

Corporate Acquisition, Accounting (Mexico-USA), Chairman, AAA, New York

Insurance (USA-Argentina), Political Risk, Chairman, AAA, New York

Insurance (Middle East), Political Risk, Sole Arbitrator, AAA, Washington

Insurance (India-USA), Political Risk, Co-Arbitrator, LCIA, London

Telecommunications (Eastern Europe), Chairman, ICC, New York

Biotech License (USA-England), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, New York

CEO Termination (USA), Co-Arbitrator, AAA, Boston

Art Sale (Austria-USA), Co-Arbitrator, Ad Hoc, Zürich

Telecommunications (China-USA), Sole Arbitrator, AAA, Boston

Metal Refinery (Belgium-USA), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, New York

Biotech License (Switzerland-USA), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, Zürich

Oceanographic Technology (USA-England), Co-Arbitrator, AAA, Miami

Automotive Joint Venture (Venezuela-USA), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, New York

Expropriation Claim (Panama-USA), Co-Arbitrator, IACAC, Washington

Insurance (Switzerland-England), Political Risk, Sole Arbitrator, London

Know-how License (Germany-USA), Chairman, ICC, Toronto

Aerospace Joint Venture (France-USA), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, Geneva

Ship Engine Sales (France-USA), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, Paris

Acquisition Tax Claims (USA-Argentina), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, New York

Family Business Dissolution (England), Co-Arbitrator, Ad Hoc, Paris

Investment Banking Contract (USA-USA), Sole Arbitrator, AAA, Boston

Telecommunications (USA-South America), Chairman, ICC, New York

Agency (USA-Syria), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, Paris

Letter of Credit (Korea-Spain), Sole Arbitrator, ICC, Paris

Letter of Credit (Korea-Taiwan), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, Singapore

Loan Guarantee (Asia-South America), Co-Arbitrator, ICC, New York

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